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Your Guide to Pole Pocket Banners and Scaffold PVC Banners

//Your Guide to Pole Pocket Banners and Scaffold PVC Banners

Your Guide to Pole Pocket Banners and Scaffold PVC Banners

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Many outdoor banners and scaffolding banners are attached using a pole pocket. Pole pockets are a great way to hang a PVC banner on a construction site because there is always plenty of scaffolding around. Even when no scaffolding is handy, attaching a PVC banner using pole pockets can often be a good idea.

  • By supporting the PVC banner top and bottom, the poles tension the PVC to create a smooth drum like finish. The flatter the PVC, the better the image looks. We always want your PVC banner to look amazing!
  • For indoor banners hung along the top edge only, a weight inserted through the bottom pocket avoids curling and again creates a nice smooth happy banner


Measuring the size of pole pocket and scaffolding banner

When measuring the dimensions for a pole pocket or scaffolding banner it can be confusing to say what size you need. Do you measure the banner with the pole in the pocket or without? Which sized pole is used? Many banner printing companies do it in different ways and some even change between jobs!


At Edinburgh Banners we use the following standards to measure scaffolding banners.

Measure Pole Diameter

Measuring for Banner Pole Pocket - Pole Diameter

When ordering we request you to specify the diameter of the pole. For scaffolding banners, we by default design assuming a 2inch scaffolding pole.


Choosing the Pole Pocket width

The pole diameter, banner width and frequency of removal all affect the width of the pocket. For banners with long poles, we will always use a wider pocket to make it easier to slot scaffolding or other poles through.

If the banner is permanently in the same place we will use a tighter pocket to maximise the graphic area.

We have spoken with many customers and after extensive testing, we believe to understand what makes the very best pocket width for scaffold banners.

It is important to consider the pole pocket area when planning your artwork. Whilst the pocket is printed so you can put any text or images through it, you should consider where the seam will pass through the graphic.

Banner Dimensions

Our advertised banner size is the total dimension of the banner when supported using both pockets with the specified pole diameter. We will alter the pocket and graphic size to be the correct size for your pole diameter.

Scaffold Banner Pole Pocket Dimensions

If you have a special preference for how tight you would like the pocket please let us know.


Pole Pocket Manufacture

The four corners of the pole pockets are the area of highest load. We extend the life of our banners by reinforcing these areas with marine grade stitching and metallic eyelets. Just like Levis brought the riveted pockets to jeans, we use metallic eyelets as standard to reinforce our banners!


Other uses for pole pocket banners

In addition to using the lower pole pocket as a weight there are other uses for pocket hemmed banners.

Café barriers incorporate a top and bottom pocket for attachment.

Lamp Post banners use narrow pocket to hold the PVC banner securely

Post Banners can be created by using vertical pockets with the ends sealed at the top.

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